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Women and Men - Discussion by Jeff Zhuk
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Starting from the beginning of civilization, we can look at social and work activity via the prism of collaboration and competition, conflicting aspects of human behavior. Omitting a lot of details and with great simplification, I'll try to outline the main points.

Competition is a natural way of survival behavior for all species, human or not, in environments with the limited resources. Evolution theory supports this view: species less suited to compete have to adapt or die out.

On the other hand, collaboration is about sharing resources and working together to achieve common goals. This might sound like a higher level activity in complete opposition to competition ideology. But let's take a closer look. In the most cases collaboration is a component of competition between groups. While individual competition drives change and innovation, collaboration increases stability of groups and puts less emphasis on individual achievements.

Through the history of civilization, men have usually played more competitive roles than women. Watching steadily growing number of women who participate in the workplace, we can expect another major shift: women might be better managers than men.

Women have better ability to multitasking and prefer collaboration over competition. Maybe this is a genetic feature. Men, on the other hand, tend to focus on specific problems and take risks in order to solve these problems...

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