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Capture Corporate Knowledge as an Ontology Graph understood by a computer and actively used in Decision Making Processes.
Start by choosing an existing model type or create a new one.
Describe a situation or report an event
Follow the model below to describe an event or a situation. Then expand the model with details.

Start with the basic content and continue with more details later.
Check existing event objects

Create a blueprint / structure for a new knowledge domain
Create a new model type to describe a world (or just a part of it)

This will create a reliable mechanism to classify a selected knowledge domain. The program will start a conversation helping to define the main and secondary subjects describing that knowledge domain. In a way this helps you building your specific ontology. If there is an available ontology (do research and adapt your model to an existing one!) then it will be possible to add your specific part.

Hints for you:

a) Provide the name for the model to reflect the main goal. Then answer the following questions:
b) What is the main subject of the model? There can be several comma separated subjects.
c) What are the main related subjects that can be considered subordinate to the main subject(s) and what is the relationship between the main subject and subordinates?
Then provide a meaningful description of the model focusing on the goals, main factors and audience.

Capture your company business process and services
Introduce your company with its name, main products and services.

Describe the company and main products and services. Then expand the model with processes and workflows.
When a brief description of a company is in place, focus on specifics, choose a specific model or build a new one.
Start with the name of the company and major hierarchy, then add more later
Check existing company objects

Create well-structured and connected training materials
Introduce the training subject with its name and the main sub-topics.

Provide the name of the subject. The system will tell you if there are any existing related materials.
If so, you might make your descriptions as an extension of the closest subject, like adding branches to an existing tree of knowledge. (Searching multiple data sources might take some time ...)
Then follow the system instructions to expand the description with the list of sub-topics. Each topic and sub-topics will include the content with all components of the training model: illustrations and video clips, samples, related links, assignments and test questions.
Check existing training objects